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At Seed-on-Hudson we bring homegrown heirloom and unusual varieties of vegetables, herbs, fruits, native plants, cut flowers and

a bit of love to our local community.


Based in Hastings-on-Hudson in the lower Hudson Valley, and just 30 minutes north of New York City.


We believe in creating a more sustainable earth for everyone. We'll give you advice on what will work best in your space, whether you have a huge yard or a simple windowsill. Watch this space over the coming months for more details on workshops and special events to help you get started in the garden.

Look through our selection of this year's growth for inspiration, or reach out to a member of our team for guidance on the best plant or floral choices for your home or office.

Closely linked with other businesses in Westchester and beyond, Seed-on-Hudson brings together the wider community to not only delight in our green spaces, but to educate ourselves on how to take better

care of our planet.

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Katie Tolson

Seed-on-Hudson is the brainchild of plant enthusiast and seed saver 

Katie Tolson based in Hastings-on-Hudson.

Her love of plants and flowers started with freshly picked summer strawberries and roses in her grandmother's garden. California raised her, the UK made her a mother, and New York gave her the space to grow dreams.


Inspired by her love of all things organic, flavorful, fragrant and homegrown, and frustrated by the lack of places to buy good quality, healthy seedlings of heirloom varieties and native plants, Katie set up Seed-on-Hudson to serve her local Westchester community.

Katie is a Committee Member of the Hastings Pollinator Pathway Project and initiated The Great Hastings Seed Swap in February 2021.

Find out more about how they're spearheading efforts to create safe environments for pollinators to thrive and do their vital work at

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